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Are you a looking for a SEO Chichester agency, that can guarantee you page one rankings? Or are you a local company that is wanting to increase and improve your websites visibility on Google and other search engines but are just not sure how to progress to that next level and get your business on to page one?

Look no further our team of SEO Chichester experts can do this for you! We have years of experience when it comes to improving local and national businesses visibility on search engines and our proven methods and techniques will get your online business flying and hitting number 1 on Google or other search engines which will in turn increase your turnover and profit margin.

Improved rankings = improved turnover and profit


Previous clients references and reviews can be supplied upon request


We will only take on your SEO project if we can guarantee getting your website to page 1 of Google

Our track record of getting online businesses where they need to be is one of the best in the UK and we want to share our SEO marketing knowledge with you and get your business thriving and making you lots of money online.

Our Chichester SEO experts can guarantee the following when we perform search engine optimisation on your website.

  • Guarantee page 1 on Google.
  • Keywords and phrases that work.
  • Safe SEO marketing techniques and methods.
  • A significant rise in your conversion rates.
  • A massive boost to your income and revenue.

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SEO is a profitable investment

You may feel that our prices are pretty high compared to other SEO Chichester companies out there, who are offering number one rankings at very low prices. However, we have spent many years trying and testing different methods and techniques to see what works and what does not.

We also ensure that the search engine optimisation we apply is safe and adheres to Googles guidelines and policies. This means that once we get you to the first pages of Google you will stay there.

So, if you are seriously thinking about using our SEO Chichester service, think of the good old saying “You get what you pay for” plus it is a great way to invest into your business for the future, you won’t regret it, It’s the best paid for advertising you could do.

Message from our SEO Chichester guru Andrew:

We love helping local businesses thrive online, there is nothing better than seeing one of your client’s websites on page one of Google and staying there – we know we have done our job well.

Our process:

Firstly, we will run an audit of your website and see how it performs and fix any issues that may be stopping you from improving your rankings. Our SEO Chichester specialists will then thoroughly research your industry, keywords and phrases and devise a plan of attack.

Here is a list of what we complete when we are managing your organic advertising.

  • Research up to 30 keywords.
  • Our rankings experts will run monthly keyword reporting and Google analytics stats.
  • Our developers will ensure your website is fully optimised.
  • We have skilled SEO content writers at hand to improve your websites text.
  • We have tools to run regular tracking of keyword(s) to see how they are performing.
  • Our SEO marketing experts will work to increase your internal links.
  • We will perform on-site search engine optimisation which will include adding meta data and page titles across the site if needed.

Our fees

Our charges for SEO are very simple we ask for a one-off deposit from £495 and then monthly payments from £395 for 6 months after this. However, after the 6-month period if none of your chosen keywords are on the first page of the search results we are happy to continue working for free. We will not increase our costs, but we do ask that you please give us up to 6 months to obtain the page 1 rankings.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is an online marketing process used to help websites gain rankings on search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. In order to gain quality traffic and have your website show for the right result (SERPS) certain techniques have to be put in place and your site needs to be of a certain quality, however these methods have to adhere to Googles policies to be able to gain any type of organic results.

Do I really need it?

Not sure if you need SEO? Below are some simple pointers that search engine optimisation is just want you need to start earning money online, get in touch with our team if you can tick off more than one or more of these.

  • You do not have any search terms on page one.
  • You are not getting any enquiries or sales.
  • Your website is slow, and you feel is underperforming.
  • You are not appearing in local map listings.

When will I see results?

Depending on the age of your website, we usually say 6-10 months but for brand new websites this can take longer.

Can you guarantee that my website will be on page 1 in the search engines?

Yes, we can otherwise our SEO company will not take on your project if we cannot guarantee this.

Do I have to pick the keyword(s) or phrases I want to rank for?

No, we will advise you of the best keywords to target unless you already have researched, however if you have not we will need guidance on the products or service you are selling.

What happens if I do not have any rankings within 6 months?

We will continue working on your SEO marketing for free to until we achieve the desired rankings for you.

Find out more about how we rank your keywords

If you are ready to take that next step and want our SEO Chichester experts to improve and boost your business online, then drop us a line and we will gladly get the ball rolling.

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