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Company overview

Chichester and Portsmouth marine training are a Royal Yachting Association training center that is based at the Chichester marina. They offer many short courses in a classroom or online. They also run practical courses at their Langstone harbour base.

What our client needed

We were contacted by this client as they required a complete overhaul of their existing website. They found it was not up to date with their main courses and some images were dated or not applicable anymore. They also requested to move over to our hosting because they wanted one company to look after their hosting and website.

What we did

We initially copied over the existing website to our hosting and synchronised their existing emails. We also created three new email accounts. We then supplied our client with a crib sheet on how to set their emails up on mobile and PC.

Once the site was migrated over, we updated the WordPress software, so it was on the most current version and installed a well-known theme called Astra. Once this was completed, we could then customise the theme to suit our clients brand and business.

We swiftly got to work with designing the new look. Each page had the same simple layout with a large section at the top with images on a fading slider. The remaining content was added below in neat sections next to a small gallery of images. As we created each page, we asked our client to review and sign them off as we went along, and this was because there were 50+ pages to create and also categories and subpages.

Our client supplied all of the images and content for every page, and these were sent to us via drop box links. Each image and section of text was clearly labelled so we could see what needed to go where, which was extremely helpful for our designers.

Once all of the pages were live, we integrated a booking button which linked to an external booking system they use. We had a few issues with the confirmation email not being received, but we soon got this working as it should be once, we liaised with the booking system tech guys as there was an error their end.

Our client also asked for a “submit a testimonial” area where their customers can leave feedback which is then approved and submitted before showing on the page.

Due to the sheer number of pages on this booking website, it took us around 4 weeks to complete and go live.

Other services we completed for our client

  • We provided cloud hosting for their website and emails.
  • We are also providing pay as you go website assistance.
  • An SSL certificate was also installed.

Do you need a website for a similar project?

If you would like a similar booking website built for your business, then please get in touch with our specialist website designers who will gladly provide you with a quote.

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